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Musician and Guinness World Record Flautist

Guinness World Record? Again? Are you MAD!!!!!!!!

This weekend marks 2 years since I became the Guinness World Record Holder of the Longest Flute Marathon (by an individual).  I have to be totally honest and say that there are times when I hardly believe it myself. Not that it has been 2 years, but that I did it at all…………. for a…
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‘I Hate Classical Music!!’

This is a statement I hear so often, but is it true? I am very fortunate.  I was brought up in a household where classical music was played.  I have vague memories of the Brandenburg Concertos by Bach being played at home, on the old record player.  One of our neighbours played the 1812 Overture…
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What would I be if I wasn’t a musician?

I think the simple answer to that is ‘lost’! Music is my whole life. I have made a living from the thing I love. Every day is different. I can be teaching young people how to play the flute, piano, clarinet, keyboard or sing during the day, and be running a choir or musical theatre…
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