The Moonlit Sea

The Moonlit Sea


The Moonlit Sea

Written and Recorded by Katherine Brookes

Copyright Katherine Brookes ©Katherine Brookes 2020

“Sometimes the simplest things can lead you in a direction, and you almost have no control over where it takes you.  This piece was inspired by a wonderful photograph of The Needles on the Isle of Wight, probably my favourite place in the entire world, lit by moonlight.  My hope is to one day retire to that beautiful island.  I find it so inspirational.

I sat down at the piano, and this piece just flowed from my fingers.  That has never happened to me in quite the same way before.  I felt truly humbled. I am rarely satisfied with what I create, but on that day, at that moment, I cried as I played the final few bars.  It touched my soul.”


An original composition performed by Katherine Brookes


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