Where Is Your Go To Place?

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Where Is Your Go To Place?

We all need somewhere special that is our ‘go to place’, whether that is a holiday destination, a place closer to home or for some a place in their mind that makes them feel safe.  For me, my ‘go to place’ is where I recharge my batteries, gain inspiration and dream of a possible future. 

We, as a family, go to the Isle of Wight twice a year.  If we could afford it we would be there more often.  For me it is the most perfect place in the world.  As soon as you get on that ferry the pace of life changes and slows.  The chalet where we stay is lovely and is like a second home.  ReMa Holidays are always so helpful.  The site we stay at is quiet and has a lovely area just outside our chalet where our daughter can play.  The sea is a stones throw away.  Island life is vibrant and….. well …….. wonderful!

The music scene on the island is great.  Everyone thinks of the Isle of Wight Festival, but there are many musical events and an abundance of live music across the island.  I am helping my husband on his art stall at the Island Steam Show held at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway at the moment. There have been some really good acts performing on both of their stages across the weekend. 

So many of the pubs have live music in the evenings too, and some during the day as well.  One of our favourite pubs, The Spyglass in Ventnor is one such place.  No matter what time of year it has something going on.  It also has one of the most outstanding views you can imagine, and when the weather is stormy you can feel the building shake as the waves hit the rocks it is built upon.  To top it off, their calamari is wonderful!

Another great pub for food and music is The Steamer Inn in Shanklin.  We had a fantastic meal there last April and were thoroughly entertained by a brilliant musical duo.  My 6 year old daughter was enthralled, which was wonderful to see.  These are just a couple of the pubs offering music.  There are so many we honestly couldn’t eat in them all.  It is great that these pubs recognise the importance of live music at a time when the significance of music, in all its forms, is sometimes trivialised by politicians.  

The Isle of Wight has so many wonderful beaches, and all so different from each other.  There are the pebbles at Bembridge, the wonderful fine sand of Ryde, the varying sands of Yaverland and Sandown (with the odd Dinosaur fossil thrown in).  The sand at Shanklin is a little courser than Sandown and very good for sandcastles.  Then further round the coast is Ventnor, with its gritty sand.  Even further round the coast there is perhaps my favourite of all the beaches, Freshwater Bay.  It isn’t for its sand, as it can be quite pebbly.  It isn’t for its amenities. Sandown, Ryde and Shanklin are where you will find the amusement arcades etc.  Freshwater Bay has a lovely little independent lifeboat shop which sells ice creams and secondhand books and CDs, as well as a few of the usual tourist items.  It has a wonderful coastline. You can get really close to the sea without having to walk across the sand, and the sound of the sea there, for me, cannot be beaten.  There is something very musical and magical about just listening to the sea.  Really listening.  Hearing how the notes of the water drop in pitch as the wave hits the beach.  How the sound alters depending on the type of beach it is.  The dynamic variations depending on the size of the wave.   There is so much musicality to it. 

So, I am going back to my holiday now – time to reflect, recharge, be inspired and to listen to the sea!